New on DVD and Blu-Ray

An eclectic week of releases, highlighted by two big Jackie Chan releases (including Wheels on Meals, Operation Condor, and the first U.S. release of the non-Miramax cut of Police Story III: Supercop) and two more reasons to have the “should Criterion be releasing this many contemporary movies?” conversation, though it’s much harder to get worked up about them releasing Steve McQueen’s Small Axe series (especially since they have an existing relationship with McQueen) than them putting out an indifferent 4K of Triangle of Sadness (but if they’ve gotta release whatever NEON throws at them to get to Petite Maman, I’ll take it). There’s also early Atom Egoyan, the movie about the Zodiac Killer made in the 70s as a way of hopefully convincing the Zodiac to come forward (it didn’t work), the Burt Reynolds-William Goldman Heat, the very strange Dennis Hopper-Jodie Foster curiosity¬†Backtrack (or Catchfire depending on what cut you watch), and a complete series Blu-Ray set of Cheers, which unfortunately closes the door on the greatest fake Criterion of all time ever actually coming to fruition:

Backtrack (Kino)
The Big Bus (Kino)
Cheers: The Complete Series (Paramount)
The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course (Sandpiper)
Heat (Kino)
The Jackie Chan Collection: Volume 2 (Shout Factory)
Jesus Revolution (Lionsgate)
A Lion Is in the Streets (Warner Archive Collection)
Lovers Lane (Arrow)
The Man Who Fell to Earth 4K (Lionsgate)
Police Story III: Supercop 4K (88 Films)
Return to Seoul (Sony)
Safe in Hell (Warner Archive Collection)
The Shiver of the Vampires 4K (Indicator)
Small Axe (Criterion)
Sorority House Massacre (Shout Factory)
Speaking Parts (Canadian International Pictures)
Storm Warning (Warner Archive Collection)
The Strawberry Blonde (Warner Archive Collection)
Suicide Club (Discotek)
Triangle of Sadness 4K (Criterion)
Two Orphan Vampires 4K (Indicator)
The Zodiac Killer (AGFA)