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A small but eclectic week runs the gamut from Ak(i Kaurismaki) to Al(bert Pyun), from one of the greatest films of all time to the one where someone says “This cold war just got hot!”. And then there’s Diablo Cody, somehow given another chance at the horror-comedy after the slow reclamation of Jennifer’s Body. Lisa Frankenstein isn’t as good as Jennifer and it isn’t trying for anywhere close to that movie’s sting, it just wants to delight the goth teens of today and give them something other than the same old Tim Burton movies to fixate on. It doesn’t really sell its final turn into doomed romance but mostly it does the job with eye-popping colors and some very fun performances, none more than Kathryn Newton inhabiting the snarky Cody-speak with heroic verbal and physical comedy.

Fallen Leaves (MUBI)
King Kong 4K (1976) (Paramount)
Lisa Frankenstein (Universal)
Lost in Space (Shout Factory)
Mean Guns (MVD)
The Minus Man (Kino)
Monster (Well Go)
Night Swim (Universal)
Picnic at Hanging Rock 4K (Criterion)
Winnie the Pooh: Blood & Honey (Shout Factory)