Second Good Dinosaur Trailer Emphasizes How A Single Moment Can Change Everything

PIXAR just had one of the biggest hits of their career with Inside Out and surely they’re hoping that their next film, The Good Dinosaur, replicates that success. They put out a teaser trailer for the motion picture last month and now a new trailer, chock full of footage, gives a better look at the film and its world.

I’m surprised at how serious the trailer plays things, going for more emotion than generating a number of one-liners. This approach is better than the “gag-a-minute” manner that 20th Century FOX uses for the trailers for their family movies, though I wish there was a bit more of a story going on here to grab onto. I don’t need the whole movie spoiled, but it’s hard to grasp what sort of dynamic Arolo (the dinosaur) and Spot (the human boy) have from this footage. Still, some of it did stir up my emotions if only based on the visuals alone.

Oh yeah, those visuals really are astounding. The backgrounds seem to be taking a cue from PIXAR’s 2013 short film The Blue Umbrella and going for photorealism and boy howdy does it all look gorgeous here. Even more impressive is how the more stylized characters (namely Arlo) gel seamlessly with the backgrounds in this trailer. Some of the designs (namely the rattlesnake with tiny arms and legs) seem reminiscent of The Croods, but the look of this feature alone gets me interested. Add in PIXARs track record and an interesting concept and The Good Dinosaur certainly seems like the kind of film to keep an eye on.