New on DVD and Blu-Ray

Everything Everywhere All at Once superfans may disagree with me (please don’t throw those googly-eyed rocks at me), but it increasingly seems like all the best A24 movies are the ones they’re burying. They at least had a (wrongheaded) dismal Cannes reaction to explain their attempts to hide Claire Denis’s brilliant Stars at Noon, but there’s no excuses for having the resources to put a new Kelly Reichardt movie in as many theaters as possible and choosing to not do so. Any new Reichardt movie is a cause for celebration but the mistreatment is especially galling for a new Reichardt movie as good as Showing Up, now out on Blu-Ray and 4K in one of those pricey A24 store-exclusive editions (but at least it’s out in some form, rather than Stars at Noon going straight to a hole in the ground). You can damn it with being “minor” Reichardt, a modest comedy about all the everyday frustrations swirling around Michelle Williams’ grumpy sculptor, but within its small framework it creates a dazzling, funny, and ultimately life-affirming world, where art and friendship may come out on top even as the demands of capitalism makes it actively painful to think about either. As always, Williams is the best and subtlest actor in the world whenever she’s in front of Reichardt’s lens, and Hong Chau (hot off being one of 1.5 good things about The Whale, which A24 was happy to bring to a theater near you) matches her as that one friend who an outside observer would think you hate too much to possibly consider a friend, but they’re just two parts of one of the year’s most stacked ensembles. When I say that Judd Hirsch and John Magaro give exactly as good of performances as Williams’ asshole orange cat or the wounded pigeon she takes in, that’s a compliment to Hirsch and Magaro and to the cat and pigeon.

Otherwise, we have plenty of big-ticket 4Ks, including Paramount insisting that the time to release Christmas movies is already here and Shout Factory following suit with one of the most famously snowy movies of all time. They’re also putting out Ernest Dickerson’s Surviving the Game on Blu-Ray, not a great movie but a great showcase for Bojan Bazelli’s cinematographic excellence and for the best bunch of scenery-chewers ever assembled, particularly Charles S. Dutton’s overjoyed manhunter and John C. McGinley’s inscrutable cowboy racist.

American Graffiti 4K (Universal)
The Buster Keaton Collection: Volume 5 (Three Ages / Our Hospitality) (Cohen)
Fargo 4K (Shout Factory)
Gran Turismo 4K (Sony)
It Lives Inside (Decal)
Jackie Chan: Emergence of a Superstar (Criterion)
The Miracle Club (Sony)
Scrooged 4K (Paramount)
Showing Up 4K (A24)
Surviving the Game (Shout Factory)
T.R. Baskin (Fun City)
Trading Places 4K (Paramount)
Violent Night 4K (Universal)
Witness 4K (Arrow)