• HypercubeVillain


    But being first comes with a cost, so I’ll share a sad story. I’d left one of Rabin’s articles open in a separate tab overnight, and I noticed that glorbes had top comment on one of them, so I closed the tab for the time being and planned on revisiting the page and looking at the comments later. Maybe less than a minute later, I found the comment thread on Nerd’s 8 1/2 article where glorbes had announced their departure; I discovered this based on the replies, because by that point glorbes’s account and comments were already gone. I immediately opened the Rabin article back up, out of some vain hope, only to find that glorbes’s comments there had also vanished. It sucks to think that I could’ve read or maybe even preserved a part of their writing if I just hadn’t closed that one tab, but maybe it’s what they wanted after all. I don’t know why they left, but I hope they’re doing all right.


    • clytie

      I was wondering who had left. I too hope that everything is okay with glorbes.

    • They said something about getting behind at work or whatever and Disqus was too great a temptation. So, they had to mix their account or they’d get further behind. I hope they come back at some point.

    • mr_apollo

      If memory serves, Glorbes has taken breaks from social media before. I certainly hope he’ll be back but not at the expense of anything in his offline life.

      • Son of Griff

        He has, and if my memory serves, I think he had a new family addition, so I can see why his priorities have changed.

    • DJ JD

      If you’re reading this, miss you man!

  • clytie

    That Matt Singer article is really good and everyone should read it.

    • DJ JD

      “As any math professor can tell you (decent free viewing experience + no pants) > (outstanding pricy viewing experience + pants). That’s just simple algebra.”

  • Ruck Cohlchez 🌹

    What was the last movie that people went out of their way to see in the theater specifically because the visuals were supposed to be so incredible that you had to watch them on the big screen? Maybe the multidimensional tripping of Doctor Strange? How about the last one before that? Maybe the long-takes-in-outer-space of Gravity? That movie came out almost four years ago.”

    Fury Road, anyone?

    • 60% of the top movies are visual extravaganzas and 60% are family movies.

      There was also Star Wars and Interstellar in between there. Here’s the problem: every fifth Hollywood movie is a visual extravaganza. The gamble becomes increasingly risky when you can go see this visual spectacular with not terrible storytelling or this one which nobody likes all that much or this other one which is kind of ok or this other one which is kind of racist.

      • Ruck Cohlchez 🌹

        Multiple Star Wars films. And I think your point speaks to why I thought of Fury Road first, because it was the only one that combined “striking visuals” with “incredible action scenes that make sense and a tight story, both of which were universally praised by critics.” (Naturally, it’s the only one of those I’ve seen.)

    • DJ JD

      Late to the game but I also think of sound engineering when I think of Fury Road. I’m not much of a NASCAR fan; I don’t think I’ve ever been that excited by the sound of massive engines loudly thrumming. They didn’t even need the fire-breathing bungee guitarist in that movie, which is saying something.

      Say what you will about Lucas, but the man understands the effect sound has on a movie. Fury Road, in turn, reminds me of Jango Fett’s seismic charges in the asteroids in Star Wars Ep 2. Episode two had a lot of problems, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget hearing that BWAAAAAM in the theater.

      • The Ploughman

        Nobody needs a fire-breathing bungee guitarist, but everybody should have a right to a fire-breathing bungee guitarist.