• I want to note how different Embrace of the Serpent and The Lost City of Z are through the search for their respective screen caps. There are relatively few shots in Lost City that foreground the natives. They barely factor into this, as the camera mostly (like 90+%) centers on Hunnam or RPatz or the various white British characters. However, it was very easy to find a Serpent cap that centered and foregrounded Karamakate. It’s a meta observation that reinforces everything wrong with this movie.

  • I read the book. I remember that it was a bit of a mash-up, and that’s it. The timing of reading it – a month before a personal bad turn of events – might have done something to blot it out. But overall, it was just forgettable.

    And I had no idea it was also suspect.

    • I was curious last week if I was the only one seeing the racial problems with the movie, and stumbled on that article from The Spectator. It was a fascinating read, and actually filled in a lot of the gaps I was seeing in the movie. The author did a Q&A afterwards, but he didn’t offer much of anything useful.