• HypercubeVillain

    This was pretty fun (though I accidentally watched episode 2 along with it without realizing -_- ). I found the picture-in-picture shot striking as well, and I love the ripple effect used when they turn the screens on & off or change channels. The abrupt episode ending took me by surprise, as I expected some kind of voiceover.

    • I’ve seen a few serials with voice over (Columbia, producers of the Batman serials, seemed to favor them) but frequently only onscreen text is used. I think sometimes it’s the influence of radio, in which everything had to be described and announced.

      But yeah, I did find this ending a bit abrupt; sometimes they’re like that. (Sorry about the second chapter–that was the only link I could find for chapter one. I think the others are individually posted.)

      • HypercubeVillain

        Oh, no problem about Chapter 2! I was sighing more at myself for not catching; sorry for not clarifying, and thanks for the link in the first place.

  • And if you’re just joining us, here’s the link to the first two chapters on YouTube:

  • The Ploughman

    Finding out now, but I can only assume with the title “Tragedy on Saturn” that the next chapter depicts the grisly death of Buck Rogers and crew.

    • It’s more of a metaphor, with Buck and Wilma settling into a loveless marriage and dead-end careers.