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A gangster classic, Stanley Kubrick’s “everybody’s gotta start somewhere” debut, and a prime dose of Walter Hill nastiness all come to 4K this week, plus a remaster of Soderbergh’s Contagion as a late cash-in on current events, like Jennifer Ehle (technically) being in Barbie. And speaking of Barbie, maybe the angriest moment I had in a movie theater last year was during the previews of my second viewing, where I got the Next Goal Wins trailer and was treated to Taika Waititi’s “tee-hee, I lost Best Picture” schtick before watching a movie from the person whose Adapted Screenplay Oscar he stole, for one of the most contemptible Oscar movies of recent memory. It did my soul good when literally nobody saw Next Goal Wins, not just because Waititi has taken “high on his own supply” to new levels but because his initial instincts with this underdog soccer story were to make a movie about Michael Fassbender learning to not be so transphobic. I hear that after horrible test screenings in the four years between its filming and its release, this was watered down to merely a small subplot about Michael Fassbender learning to not be so transphobic. I will never watch it to learn the exact details.

Contagion 4K (Warner)
Divinity (Vinegar Syndrome)
Dream Scenario (Lionsgate)
The Early Films of Asghar Farhadi (Dancing In The Dust / Beautiful City) (Film Movement)
Fear and Desire 4K (Kino)
The Golden Coach (Raro)
Jeanne Moreau, Filmmaker (Lumiere / The Adolescent / Lillian Gish) (Carlotta)
Little Darlings 4K (Cinématographe)
Migration 4K (Universal)
Monk: The Complete Fourth Season (Kino)
Next Goal Wins (Disney)
The Roaring Twenties 4K (Criterion)
Southern Comfort 4K (Vinegar Syndrome)
The Three Musketeers: D’Artagnan (Samuel Goldwyn)
The Tune (Deaf Crocodile)
V/H/S/85 (RLJ)
Wonka 4K (Warner)