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I had no real experience with Sydney Sweeney before this year but I’ve now been convinced multiple times over that she’s worthy of the “new movie star” hype, and Immaculate is a particularly strong argument for her having a bright future. The movie itself is pretty good with exactly the conclusion you want from it, but I don’t know how far above serviceable it would be without Sweeney and her journey from doe-eyed innocence to howling rage and terror. If a scream queen is to be judged by the quality of their scream, she’s already an all-timer.

The Animal Kingdom (Magnolia)
DogMan (Universal)
La Femme Nikita 4K (Sony)
Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire 4K (Warner)
Immaculate (Decal)
Mute Witness 4K (Arrow)
A Queen’s Ransom (Eureka)
Querelle (Criterion)
Shrek Forever After 4K (Universal)
Species II 4K (Shout Factory)
Stopmotion (RLJ)
The Valiant Ones 4K (Masters of Cinema)