• Dead Jerk Jerk Dead

    Guys like this strike me as deeply interesting people at some inherent level. If I could just sit and listen to whatever story he felt like telling, I probably would. He clearly had swimming experience, probably diving experience, and his investment in projects like Flipper suggest he had a certain love for the water–but then he would’ve also seen plenty of Hollywood’s inner workings. I loved Flipper as a kid, too.

    Great choice for one of these!

    • Departed Hunchback (errrr…)

      I recall listening to the commentary for Soderbergh’s 2002 version of “Solaris,” where he and Producer James Cameron (yes, that one) talked briefly about how they got the make-up person from “Creature” to work on their film. Somehow, Soderbergh managed to avoid pestering him with fun fact questions about the experience of making “Creature from the Black Lagoon,” which goes to show he’s got more self-control than I might.

    • Joseph Finn

      It’d be interesting both for his work and for the wide variety of people he’s worked with.

      • Dead Jerk Jerk Dead

        Exactly! Plus he sounds like he probably has a distinct perspective on life, formed by experience, that he could apply to all sorts of things I’m aware of but don’t really know about, etc. etc. etc.

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