Trailer and Posters: THE ZERO THEOREM (2014)

Terry Gilliam’s new film The Zero Theorem is getting it’s Pay Per View release tomorrow in the United States. The distributors are holding off on its limited theatrical run until next month.

Gilliam has stated that this movie was made for the big screen. From most directors this would be a load of hooey, but we all know that Gilliam tries to cram every inch of his screen with detail and data that this probably holds water. So, hold off until you can see it on a big screen, IMHO.

In any case, we should look at a couple of the big marketing pushes that Gilliam’s film had.

UK Posters

Zero Theorem UK Altfirst-poster-for-terry-gilliams-the-zero-theorem-revealed-143277-a-1377155760-470-75

Gilliam’s UK posters focused on the haphazard technology that litters most of Gilliam’s frames. This is a Brazil-esque world that Gilliam is trying to bring us back to, but with a more Tron like twist.

US Posters

the-zero-theorem-poster1-405x600Zero Theorem One Sheet

The US posters, by contrast, have reflected a more spacey esoteric mindfuck style movie which brings us more into the realm of that favored by Darren Aronofsky with his poster for The Fountain.

UK Trailer

US Trailer