Trailer: WETLANDS (2013)

Remember the late 1990s, when sex comedies and gross out comedies melded into a singular glorious genre which worked best when it had heart? This would be the height of the Farrelly Brothers, with films like Kingpin and There’s Something About Mary, and also the teen comedy American Pie among others.

Well, Germany is bringing it all back, and this time with a feminist take on it. Wetlands is a gross out sex comedy that will make you think twice about girls being 1950s ideals. With Wetlands, girls finally have their take on their bodily functions and what they can do with it. Stealing the look and feel from Trainspotting and the comedy from American films, I found Wetlands to be an exhilerating experience.

Wetlands will be released by Strand Releasing on September 5th. Though, since it’s by Strand, you’ll probably have to do a bit of searching to find it in theaters. But, take your friends. It’s a great movie, and, if nothing else, you’ll delight in your friends cowering from the images on screen.

And, here’s the German trailer, which I find to be closer to the tone, but also shows a lot more of the film.