Clytie’s Recommended Entertainment Articles (December 14-20, 2018)

Greetings, in dears! Here is what I found for you this week…

On the 14th, Noah Berlatsky discussed the uselessness of the film Schindler’s List on HuffPost:
“But rewatching ‘Schindler’s List’ right now, what’s most striking isn’t its relevance, but its uselessness. The movie offers platitudes rather than analysis, and reassurance rather than much-needed warnings. It’s meant to fortify us against hatred, but instead, it inadvertently explains why, despite our veneration for Holocaust narratives, we remain so vulnerable to fascism.”

On the 17th Imogen Sara Smith explored the silent films of John M. Stahl on
“It is tempting, though speculative, to see some of Stahl’s signature virtues in these films—the restraint and tenderness with which he handles emotional moments, his ability to balance drama and light humor, and his interest in the way the past shapes and overshadows the present.”

Finally, Zach Sharf made looked at the statement Jane Campion made about Debrah Granik’s lack of awards attention over at IndieWire: on the 19th:
“In an exclusive statement given to IndieWire, ‘The Piano’ and ‘Bright Star’ director Jane Campion shares her frustration with the lack of attention on female directors this Oscar season and stumps hard for Granik. ‘Leave No Trace’ was one of the best reviewed films out of Sundance at the start of 2018 and went on to earn a rare 100% on Rotten Tomatoes from 199 reviews when it opened in theaters over the summer.”