Ellen Page and Julianne Moore Fight For LGBTQA Rights In Freeheld Trailer

Now that Julianne Moore has finally won an Oscar, where does she go with her career? Why, her next will movie will be starring in the upcoming drama Freeheld. Director Peter Sollett is in charge of this movie, which just released a trailer that you can watch below.

Look, any movie with Julianne Moore, Ellen Page, Michael Shannon and Steve Carell in the cast is gonna get my attention. But damn does this look like an interesting film. I do have a hunch it’ll be darker than this more light-hearted trailer suggests (my experience with the marketing for dramas is that they typically are made to be as broadly appealing as possible in trailers and TV spots), but even the lighter tone found here has its definitive charms. Plus, it’s always nice to see a drama from the perspective of characters in the LGTBQA community.

Like I said, the cast in itself is enough to garner interest. Toss in a potentially dynamite storyline and a memorable trailer like this one, and Freeheld has easily become one of my more anticipated films of this fall, a time of the year that is in no short supply of movies I’m eagerly awaiting.