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No offense to MVD Visual’s releases of the three Barbership films (and mild offense to Ocean’s 8, which is one of the more prominent recent failures of the Gene Siskel “is this movie better than a documentary of the actors having lunch?” test), but Criterion is really running the table this week. It would be enough if they were just giving Olivier Assayas’ Cold Water the U.S. release it’s been denied for the last 25 years. But then they had to follow that with their release of The Tree of Life, complete with a three-hour extended cut (with an added cameo by, no joke, former WWE wrestler The Great Khali). There were a good six years where Tree of Life was my favorite film of all time (absolutely no points at all for guessing what usurped it), and I look forward to revisiting it in both its original and new forms.

Barbershop MVD
Barbershop 2: Back in Business (MVD)
Beauty Shop MVD
Big Wednesday (Warner Archive Collection)
Brain Dead (Shout Factory)
Cold Water (Criterion)
Ocean’s 8 (Warner)
Superfly (Sony)
The Tree of Life (Criterion)