New on DVD and Blu-Ray

This is a rare week where the catalog titles are equally matched, and maybe outclassed, by the new releases. There, we’ve got Spike Lee’s latest, BlacKkKlansman, which is the one where the critical consensus got fully back on his side (even though Chiraq is just about its equal and there’s not even been three years to forget about it). There’s also Incredibles 2, which is just not quite great enough to be a fully satisfying follow-up but still pretty damn good for a long-overdue sequel from a guy only making it because his last movie bombed (I haven’t seen Christopher Robin, but it’s apparently mildly underwhelming for a Disney movie written by the man who brought you Listen Up Philip). There’s Claire’s Camera, seemingly the twentieth movie Hong Sangsoo has made in the last year. And there’s the first season of Succession, a sensation which swept through Film Twitter but only barely here. Catalog titles don’t have a ton, but there’s some fine 40s cinema, namely the Preston Sturges-penned Remember the Night and a collection of Frank Capra’s WWII documentaries, and the Blu-Ray debut of Dick, a political comedy that I’d like to believe Capra would’ve been proud of.

Art School Confidential (MVD)
Big Trouble (Kino)
BlacKkKlansman (Universal)
Christopher Robin (Disney)
Claire’s Camera (Cinema Guild)
Dick (Sony)
Incredibles 2 (Disney)
Mr. Capra Goes To War: Frank Capra’s World War II Documentaries (Olive)
Papillon (Universal)
Remember the Night (Universal)
Sleepwalkers (Shout Factory)
Stranger Things: Season 2 (Netflix)
Succession: The Complete First Season (HBO)