New on DVD and Blu-Ray

The big title this week is Glass, which may be what finally separates the fair-weather Shyamafans from the die-hard Shyamalaniacs. It sees your hopes for a satisfying crossover between Unbreakable and Split and refuses to indulge most of them, being more interesting in exploring themes of Philadelphia’s decline and institutional gaslighting than crafting exciting action sequences. It’s quite a thing, and I also found it quite moving instead to being batshit insane, as I do with all of Shyamalan’s best work. The same can be said of Hard Ticket to Hawaii, whose depiction of skateboard assassins with blow-up dolls is as touching as anything in cinema.

Elsewhere, Twilight Time will help you prepare for the Blank Check Demme series with a Blu-Ray of Melvin and Howard, the Demme that Paul Thomas Anderson has gotten the most mileage out of ripping off. There’s also Joe Cornish’s quickly ignored Attack the Block follow-up, The Kid Who Would Be King, and the two Smokey and the Bandit sequels, sadly absent the fabled Smokey is the Bandit cut of Part 3.

Becky Sharp (Kino)
Bend of the River (Kino)
Diamonds of the Night (Criterion)
Glass (Universal)
Hard Ticket to Hawaii (Mill Creek)
Highway Patrolman (Kino)
Housesitter (Universal)
Keoma (Arrow)
The Kid Who Would Be King (Fox)
Malibu Express (Mill Creek)
Melvin and Howard (Twilight Time)
Of Fathers and Sons (Kino)
Smokey and the Bandit II (Universal)
Smokey and the Bandit Part 3 (Universal)
Three Coins in the Fountain (Twilight Time)