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The film this year with the hardest title to get past is also unfortunately one of the year’s best. Her Smell is a two hour-and-change tightrope act, anchored by an Elisabeth Moss performance that couldn’t care less about toning down the screeching awfulness her character doles out at her long-suffering family, friends, and band mates. That it also ends up being quite touching is a sign of some artistic growth on Alex Ross Perry’s part; he’s made movies about assholes before, but he really makes you believe that this asshole can get things together. And speaking of assholes, this week has films from Jean-Luc Godard, Oliver Stone, and Roman Polanski, which would be a pretty toxic combination even if all three films weren’t mid-tier efforts. Luckily, there’s also a mid-tier effort from someone you might want to get a drink with, a Criterion of Claire Denis’s Let the Sunshine In.

Bandolero! (Twilight Time)
Bitter Moon (Kino)
Earthquake (Shout Factory)
Her Smell (Gunpowder & Sky)
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (Universal)
The Image Book (Kino)
Isn’t It Romantic (Warner)
Les Misérables (PBS)
Let the Sunshine In (Criterion)
Nixon (Kino)
Shaft in Africa (Warner Archive Collection)
Shaft’s Big Score! (Warner Archive Collection)
She-Devils on Wheels (Arrow)
Trapped Alive (Arrow)
The Upside (Universal)
Warlock (Twilight Time)