New on DVD and Blu-Ray

Thank god for Almodovar and his latest, because otherwise this would be a truly pitiful week for new releases, instead of a mostly pitiful one. Pain and Glory comes to Blu-Ray having eked out a Best Actor nomination (how this is Banderas’ first is beyond me), and, hopefully not being too controversial here, I’d say it looks better than the CGI-animated Addams Family movie, or Zombieland: Double Tap, or Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (though I presume that both it and Jay and Silent Bob Reboot are mournful meditation on their directors’ rich careers). Catalog titles are a little better, with Criterion’s release of the early Godard film Le Petit Soldat and Film Movement’s American Blu-Ray of Bill Forsyth’s Gregory’s Girl leading the pack in terms of necessity. The Blu-Ray of Tom Shadyac’s Dragonfly is somewhere much further back.

The Addams Family (Universal)
Cimarron (Warner Archive Collection)
Countdown (Universal)
Dragonfly (Universal)
Gregory’s Girl (Film Movement)
The House by the Cemetery (Blue Underground)
Idlewild (Universal)
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (Lionsgate)
Kitten with a Whip (Universal)
The Mindy Project: The Complete Series (Mill Creek)
Pain and Glory (Sony)
Le Petit Soldat (Criterion)
Sliding Doors (Shout Factory)
Zombieland: Double Tap (Sony)