New on DVD and Blu-Ray

A fine week for Oscar bridesmaids, starting with the happy-just-to-be-here Best Picture nominee Ford v Ferrari (which I haven’t seen but I’m sure is at least worth watching for sniveling Tracy Letts), going back a year to the painful Best Picture loss of Roma (which is, imo, the one Alfonso Cuaron movie where his cinematic tricks just make the movie feel stilted), and going all the way to the decade’s start for Scorsese’s only non-Oscar-nominated film of the 2010s, Shutter Island (which, it cannot be stated enough, fucking rips). Meanwhile, Kino is going all-in on cursed films this week, with The Sting II and Heartbeeps, while Lionsgate merely releases a film about a cursed item, Peter Strickland’s In Fabric.

Ford v Ferrari (Fox)
Greener Grass (Shout Factory)
Heartbeeps (Kino)
In Fabric (Lionsgate)
A Little Romance (Warner Archive Collection)
My Bloody Valentine (Shout Factory)
Roma (Criterion)
Shutter Island 4K (Paramount)
The Sting II (Kino)