New on DVD and Blu-Ray

This week sees Sony wisely rereleasing the Gillian Armstrong Little Women on more than a burn-on-demand Blu-Ray. I think the Gerwig adaptation is a better and more audacious movie, but this is the best possible straightforward adaptation of this material, and it likely set the path for Gerwig by being so good that it made anything other than a radical deconstruction of the text a waste of time. Speaking of wastes of time, Sony also has out the reboot of The Grudge, which I bring up only to remind Babalugats that the latest F Cinemascore is now available on home video. As for the rest of you, you can probably safely skip that and go instead to either of Criterion’s offerings (available at a 30% discount from Criterion’s website), particularly the astonishing The Cranes Are Flying.

1917 (Universal)
April Fool’s Day (Shout Factory)
Come to Daddy (Lionsgate)
The Cranes Are Flying (Criterion)
Dodsworth (Warner Archive Collection)
Endless Night (Kino)
Godspell (Sony)
The Grudge (Sony)
Leave Her to Heaven (Criterion)
Little Women ’94 (Sony)
The Song of Names (Sony)
The Wizard (Shout Factory)