New on DVD and Blu-Ray

Warner Bros. runs the table this week, offering Mickey Rooney-Judy Garland and Esther Williams musicals, classic Hollywood literary adaptations, and all of the 70s Wonder Woman TV show. Shout Factory asks what’s scarier; the titular Thirteen Ghosts or a movie where Roman Polanski is the lead actor. But best of all of them is Kino, who finally gives us the one holdout to HD in George Miller’s filmography, Lorenzo’s Oil, on Blu-Ray. Lorenzo’s Oil is arguably a more important step forward to the relentlessness of Fury Road than any Miller film before; it just does not stop. By the end of the opening credits, the tone and pacing becomes akin to a rollercoaster drop into the pits of Hell, dealing with a child’s degenerative illness like an apocalyptic event (the decline of Lorenzo’s facilities is so much more upsetting and visceral than any violence in a Mad Max movie). It’s material that could be handled as regular old Oscar-bait slop, but Miller makes it incredible, partly as a former doctor (he clearly loves the brick-by-brick process of science while understanding that the slowness of its process means death to many people) and especially as a filmmaker. “Operatic” is an overused descriptor but there’s no other way to describe this, with its bold camera movements, expressionistic lighting, and Nick Nolte’s performance as a personified tragedy mask. It’s as beautiful as it is often unwatchable in its portrait of suffering, but it’s always something astonishing.

A Bigger Splash (1973) (Kino)
Clara’s Heart (Warner Archive Collection)
Girl Crazy (Warner Archive Collection)
Lorenzo’s Oil (Kino)
Million Dollar Mermaid (Warner Archive Collection)
Pride and Prejudice (1940) (Warner Archive Collection)
The Public Eye (Kino)
The River (Kino)
The Tenant (Shout Factory)
Thirteen Ghosts (Shout Factory)
The Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield (Severin)
Wonder Woman: The Complete Collection (Warner)