New on DVD and Blu-Ray

A big week for Paul Schrader, as it sees the home video release of two of his more elusive titles on home video in the U.S.; The Comfort of Strangers, which he only directed, from Criterion, and Old Boyfriends, which he only wrote, from Kino. It’s also a big week for baseball-playing chimpanzees (“What’s the difference????”, you ask to thunderous applause), with the long-awaited Blu-Ray debut of the classic Matt LeBlanc comedy Ed. And from there, it’s a big week for Norman Mailer detractors (Criterion releasing the D.A. Pennebaker documentary on Mailer “debating” a panel of 70s feminists, Town Bloody Hall), fans of cult sci-fi and/or Seth MacFarlane (Arrow putting out Flash Gordon on Blu-Ray and 4K), and fans of cult sci-fi and/or Griffin Newman (Arrow putting out Pitch Black on Blu-Ray, 4K to come in a few weeks).

Clara’s Heart (Warner Archive Collection)
The Comfort of Strangers (Criterion)
The Eagle and the Hawk (Kino)
Ed (Universal)
Flash Gordon (Arrow)
Gamera: The Complete Collection (Arrow)
Ice Castles (Sony)
Old Boyfriends (Kino)
Pitch Black (Arrow)
Prevenge (RLJ)
The Terror: Infamy (Lionsgate)
Town Bloody Hall (Criterion)