New on DVD and Blu-Ray

The relative lack of new releases means that weeks like this are increasingly dominated by the smaller labels shining a light on underseen works. Nature is healing, we’re the virus, etc. We’ve got Arrow giving us a great Japanese noir about competitive car companies, Black Test Car, Blue Underground bringing two Lucio Fulci giallos to 4K disc, Kino releasing yet more of Douglas Sirk’s catalog on Blu-Ray, and Shout Factory giving us a whole box set of classic 50s Universal horror (including two shot by Sirk’s go-to DP Russell Metty). There are new releases too, though, namely the fourth and most exciting(?) entry in the The Trip series, the art-world heist film The Burnt Orange Heresy, and The King of Staten Island, which I’m sure is perfectly alright but I can’t separate it from Judd Apatow replying to my random tweet about it being weird that Robert Elswit shot it. I may have to bring back the cinematographers series just to spite Apatow, we’ll see.

All I Desire (Kino)
The Beast Must Die! (Severin)
The Big Parade (Warner Archive Collection)
Black Test Car + The Black Report (Arrow)
Breezy (Kino)
The Burnt Orange Heresy (Sony)
The Comic (Arrow)
Hollywoodland (Kino)
The House by the Cemetery 4K (Blue Underground)
The King of Staten Island (Universal)
The New York Ripper 4K (Blue Underground)
Pat and Mike (Warner Archive Collection)
Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (Shout Factory)
There’s Always Tomorrow (Kino)
The Trip to Greece (IFC)
Universal Horror Collection: Volume 6 (The Black Castle / Cult of the Cobra / The Thing That Couldn’t Die / The Shadow of the Cat) (Shout Factory)
Without Love (Warner Archive Collection)