New on DVD and Blu-Ray

It’s the cow’s world, we’re just living in it. This week sees the home video release of Kelly Reichardt’s First Cow, another in her long line of gentle tales about people living at the outskirts of society. It’s a great mooooovie, it’s udderly fantastic, you get the gist. It’s one of a few good new releases out this week, including the latest film from master of laughs Pedro Costa, Vitalina Varela, and Justin Kurzel being sprung from Assassins Creed-induced directors jail to tell the True History of the Kelly Gang. And there’s Bad Education, the sophomore feature from Thoroughbreds director Cory Finley that sank without a trace due to it getting bought by HBO. Finley tones way down stylistically from the very debut-feature shenanigans of Thoroughbreds, wisely since he doesn’t need to do much to this story of fraud in a Long Island school district and especially to this performance by Hugh Jackman as the fraud’s ringleader, a man hollowing himself out with each day he lives. Plus, it contains maybe the best Moby needledrop in any movie not directed by Michael Mann.

The Alfred Hitchcock Classics Collection 4K (Rear Window / Vertigo / Psycho / The Birds) (Universal)
Bad Education (Warner Archive Collection)
Brute Force (Criterion)
The Comic (Arrow)
First Cow (Lionsgate)
Ghost in the Shell 4K (Lionsgate)
Graveyards of Honor (Arrow)
The Grey Fox (Kino)
The Naked City (Criterion)
True History of the Kelly Gang (Shout Factory)
Vitalina Varela (Grasshopper)