New on DVD and Blu-Ray

A big week this week, though slightly less impressive when you consider how much of it is cluttered up by Paramount dumping their B-team titles on Blu-Ray (if you’ve been demanding The Two Jakes in sparkling HD, now’s your time!). Their actual big-title item this week is the long-awaited Blu debut of Roman Holiday, which has been restored from the best surviving film elements and thankfully not scrubbed to death by the geniuses at Paramount HQ like To Catch a Thief. And speaking of much-needed restorations, Criterion this week finally gives Claire Denis’s Beau Travail the spit-shine it deserves, especially when it’s so driven by its sensual visuals over anything else. Hearing “Rhythm of the Night” in HD sound is a plus too.

21 Jump Street 4K (Sony)
22 Jump Street 4K (Sony)
Barefoot in the Park (Paramount)
Beau Travail (Criterion)
Becky (Quiver)
Hocus Pocus 4K (Disney)
Home Alone 4K (Disney)
Ivans xtc. (Arrow)
Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway (Arrow)
Killing Eve: Season 3 (RLJ)
Little Monsters (Lionsgate)
Private Parts (Paramount)
Roman Holiday (Paramount)
Shivers (Lionsgate)
The Sons of Katie Elder (Paramount)
Timeline (Paramount)
Tommaso (Kino)
The TV Set (Shout Factory)
The Two Jakes (Paramount)
Uncommon Valor (Paramount)
Vampire in Brooklyn (Paramount)