New on DVD and Blu-Ray

Alan Pakula’s The Parallax View finally gets a release worthy of its quality from Criterion this week, adding special features but maybe more importantly adding clarity to the best cinematography of Gordon Willis’s career, his astonishing widescreen images no longer murky and faded. But Criterion forgot that this is Valentine’s Day week, which is why Paramount wins the week by default with two 4K remasters of romances that tell you that love means never having to say you’re sorry (Love Story) and that love means surrendering yourself to unhinged flight attendant Kirsten Dunst and not murdering yourself with a knife strapped to exercise equipment because of the failure of your shoe design (Elysium Elizabethtown).

The El Duce Tapes (Arrow)
Elizabethtown (Paramount)
Elysium 4K (Sony)
Freaky (Universal)
Hill of Freedom + Woman on the Beach (Grasshopper)
Jazz on a Summer’s Day (Kino)
The Little Prince (Paramount)
Love Story (Paramount)
The Parallax View (Criterion)
Six by Sondheim (Warner Archive Collection)
A Tale of Two Cities (Warner Archive Collection)