New on DVD and Blu-Ray

We’ve got a week heavy on horror movies and thrillers, with 4Ks of Bird with the Crystal Plumage and The Beastmaster, the release of the extremely necessary and not at all mercenary A Quiet Place Part II, a remastered and features-packed (four audio commentaries!) edition of David Cronenberg’s The Dead Zone, and of course a Blu-Ray of Shiva Baby, the latest “UhhhHhHh, it’s actually a horror movie if you think about” movie. Thankfully there are still other options if you only wish to be scared by Vince Vaughn in a cowboy hat (Clay Pigeons) or by the clumsy machinations and cover-ups of the movie industry (State and Main). Go you Huskies!

Baise-moi (Kino)
The Beastmaster 4K (Vinegar Syndrome)
The Bird with the Crystal Plumage 4K (Arrow)
Brotherhood of the Wolf (Shout Factory)
Clay Pigeons (Kino)
The Dead Zone (Shout Factory)
A Quiet Place Part II (Paramount)
Shenandoah (Kino)
Shiva Baby (Utopia)
State and Main (Shout Factory)
The People Next Door (Scorpion)