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It seems unfathomable that a movie that offers nothing more than the premise “what if going to the beach made you old?” would become the flashpoint of a still-ongoing online war, but that’s just what has happened with M. Night Shyamalan’s Old, out on home video this week. There is seemingly no common ground to be found between those who love (or at least like) Old and those who despise it, the same things its detractors view as self-evident faults (particularly its offbeat humor and performance styles) are very often exactly what appeals to its fans. I probably don’t need to explain that I’m one of those fans, it’s Shyamalan’s best since The Village and his saddest since The Village too. I find some of the “lol this is so stupid” reactions pretty mean-spirited for a movie this heartbreaking and earnest, for as good as it is as a tense, funny b-movie, it’s gut-wrenching as a middle-aged dad’s anxieties about age and what will become of his kids captured on film. You can not like it, Shyamalan’s style is always an acquired taste, but acting above it says much worse things about you than it does about Shyamalan. To quoth Steve Martin talking about Pennies From Heaven‘s reception: “the people who get the movie, in general, have been wise and intelligent; the people who don’t get it are ignorant scum.”

Any and all ignorant scum are welcome to keep reading and learn about this week’s other big titles. In time for today’s flash sale on their website, Criterion gives us Blu-Rays of The Incredible Shrinking Man and Ratcatcher. Elsewhere, Kino beats Criterion to the punch of releasing The Silence of the Lambs on 4K, Paramount takes advantage of its new catalog of Miramax titles by upgrading Scream to 4K, and Vertical Entertainment gives us the “Mark Wahlberg learns to not be homophobic from his dead, Lady Gaga-loving gay son” movie absolutely everybody was demanding, Joe Bell. It used to be called Good Joe Bell, then the studio presumably realized that the review headlines wrote themselves.

Casual Sex? (Mill Creek)
Change of Habit (Kino)
Come September (Kino)
Demons 1 & 2 4K (Synapse)
The Incredible Shrinking Man (Criterion)
Joe Bell (Vertical Entertainment)
Mad Love (Warner Archive Collection)
Needle in a Timestack (Lionsgate)
The Night House (Disney)
Old (Universal)
The Protégé (Lionsgate)
Ratcatcher (Criterion)
Scream 4K (Paramount)
The Silence of the Lambs 4K (Kino)
Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins (Paramount)
Splitting Heirs (Mill Creek)