New on DVD and Blu-Ray

The post-holiday lull is over and we’re back with some big titles, including Pablo Larrain’s expectedly divisive Spencer (one of two Larrain titles this week, the other 2019’s Ema), which is better than Jackie but still hard not to pin as Jackie Redux, and the improbably successful latest adaptation of Dune. On the very other end of Dune‘s technical scope is The Celebration, Thomas Vinterberg’s modern classic finally being seen in all its pixelated glory on Criterion Blu-Ray. And exactly at the midpoint between the two (trust me, I did the calculations) is Bill Forsyth’s Breaking In, finally available in anamorphic widescreen, let alone high-def. It’s a low-key charmer filled with the humanism of both Forsyth and writer John Sayles, and the first of what should have been many more great elder-statesman Burt Reynolds performances.

Breaking In (Kino)
The Celebration (Criterion)
Dune (Warner)
Ema (Music Box)
Gambit (Kino)
The Great Escape 4K (Kino)
Halloween Kills (Universal)
I’m Your Man (Decal)
Juice 4K (Paramount)
Mass (Decal)
MLK/FBI (Image)
Spencer (Decal)
The Temp (Shout Factory)
Whispers in the Dark (Shout Factory)