New on DVD and Blu-Ray

You can keep your Scream rebootquel, this week’s big-ticket item is actually Pedro Almodovar’s Parallel Mothers, a wonderfully twisty melodrama and a plea for remembrance of Spain’s fascist past; the combination is not always seamless, but it’s so entertaining that doesn’t matter. Penelope Cruz is exactly as good in it as everyone says she is (she should’ve walked away with the Best Actress Oscar this year) and her costar Milena Smit, in only her second feature ever, is exactly as good as Cruz. It’s more than enough to just watch them bounce off each other in front of Almodovar’s usual candy colors, the soap-opera shocks and ruminations on the sins of the Franco regime are just bonuses.

The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter (Arrow)
The Body of My Enemy (Kino)
Death on the Nile (Disney)
The Indian Tomb (Kino)
Jack Reacher 4K (Paramount)
Jockey (Sony)
Let It Ride (Paramount)
Parallel Mothers (Sony)
Scream (2022) (Paramount)
Up All Night: The Complete Series (Mill Creek)