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The critical consensus has finally caught up with the Jackass franchise, giving Jackass Forever the kind of plaudits only reluctantly (if at all) given to its predecessors. Perhaps this one is easier to love because there’s less stunts that involve puke and shit, but those are usually my favorite Jackass moments and I miss them even with the copious bodily injury that fills the void. Otherwise, this is about on par with what came before, lacking a knock-em-dead finale on the level of the first three movies but mostly avoiding middle-aged complacency. When you think the boys might’ve gone soft, they’ll pull something out like the series high-point sequence about how funny it is to make your friends hysterically fearful for their lives.

Other than that, this week we have two of this year’s Oscar also-rans, Stephen Karam’s adaptation of his play The Humans (which A24 dumped on Showtime because they increasingly don’t know how to release anything besides genre movies) and Joe Wright’s Cyrano. I have not yet seen The Humans but I really liked Cyrano, a combination of two often-great tastes (Wright’s lush romanticism and the depressed-dad anthems of The National) that shouldn’t work nearly as well together as they do. Peter Dinklage especially manages the impossible task of being equally a suave, charismatic romantic lead and a sad-sack Matt Berninger character.

Bound for Glory (Sandpiper)
Cyrano (Universal)
From the Journals of Jean Seberg (Kino)
The Girl Can’t Help It (Criterion)
Heavy Metal 4K (Sony)
The Humans (Lionsgate)
In the Heat of the Night 4K (Kino)
Jackass Forever (Paramount)
The King’s Daughter (Universal)
Miracle in Milan (Criterion)
Rogue Cops and Racketeers: Two Crime Thrillers from Enzo G. Castellari (Arrow)
V/H/S/94 (RLJ)