New on DVD and Blu-Ray

Of course I think the big story this week is the 4K of The Limey (complete with the legendarily testy Soderbergh/Lem Dobbs commentary), even if Lionsgate has taken the baffling tack of releasing it exclusively to Best Buys. Close behind is Crterion’s 4K of Lost Highway, not many’s favorite Lynch but one whose exquisitely murky visuals have never been well-served by home video until this point. And there’s plenty of life-enriching advice to go around this week, whether from Atticus Finch or from Bill & Ted. But also there’s the movie where a late-in-life Marlon Brando refused to take direction from Frank Oz on account of him being Miss Piggy. If Kino had somehow found that footage and presented it in sparkling 4K, it would be a much more valuable endeavor than bringing The Score and Edward Norton pretending to be mentally-handicapped to the format.

Arsenic and Old Lace (Criterion)
Beast (Universal)
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure 4K (Shout Factory)
Blind Fury (Kino)
Cold Heaven (Scorpion)
Disturbing Behavior (MVD)
Going Places (Cohen)
Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, a Journey, a Song (Sony)
Indecent Proposal 4K (Kino)
The Limey 4K (Lionsgate)
Lost Highway 4K (Criterion)
Mark of the Vampire (Warner Archive Collection)
Paranormal Activity: The Ultimate Chills Collection (Paramount)
The Score 4K (Kino)
To Kill a Mockingbird 4K (Universal)
Trancers 4K (Full Moon)