New on DVD and Blu-Ray

A light week, highlighted by the Vinegar Syndrome off-shoot Altered Innocence’s release of Dressed in Blue, a documentary about Spanish trans women that boasts special features containing just about every great trans film writer of the moment, so it must be good. I may not go as far to say that Halloween Ends also must be good, but I’m closer to doing so than I ever would’ve guessed. Nothing I’ve heard about Halloween Kills makes it sound worth my time, but everything I’ve picked up about Halloween Ends has made me very curious about it, especially the number of “you got to hand it to them” reactions from people who had nothing but contempt for the previous two. I guess you can never count out the team of David Gordon Green and Danny McBride, even if they’re playing the long-game.

Dressed in Blue (Altered Innocence)
The Films of Doris Wishman: The Daylight Years (AGFA)
Halloween Ends 4K (Universal)
Jane by Charlotte (Utopia)
Nobody’s Fool 4K (Kino)
Sylvio (Music Box)
Terrifier 2 (Cinedigm)
Twilight (Kino)
Uncle Kent 2 (Factory25)
White Reindeer (Factory25)