New on DVD and Blu-Ray

A small but hearty week, where Warner tries to make up for the last year of news stories about them by giving us two of its biggest classics, The Maltese Falcon and Cool Hand Luke, in 4K. There’s also Grasshopper Film restoring Lodge Kerrigan’s nervy child-abduction drama Keane (and including Steven Soderbergh’s reedit of it on their Blu-Ray) and Paramount finally putting Confess, Fletch out on disc where they can no longer try their best to bury it. But I’m especially excited by Shout Factory putting out Envy, a movie where maybe 100 people or fewer worldwide like it anywhere as much as I do. But as Brian Eno said, each of those 100 people went out and started a Christopher Walken-as-“J-Man” fan club.

The Big Easy (Kino)
Confess, Fletch (Paramount)
Cool Hand Luke 4K (Warner)
Envy (Shout Factory)
Keane (Grasshopper)
The Maltese Falcon 4K (Warner)
Midnight Run 4K (Shout Factory)
Star Trek: The Next Generation Motion Picture Collection 4K (Paramount)
Wings of Disaster: The Birdemic Trilogy (Severin)