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What a nice time it is spending 90 minutes with the petty New Yorkers of Nicole Holofcener’s You Hurt My Feelings, whose insecurities about their lives and their work may be close to ours (except you’re probably not New School faculty) but are manageable enough that it seems everything will work out in the end (except if you’re David Cross and Amber Tamblyn, in what I assume is a dead-accurate depiction of what’s it like to be married to David Cross in real life). Holofcener gets hit enough with the “first-world problems” criticism that she even has Julia-Louis Dreyfus apologize for focusing on her marital issues instead of climate change, but I’m happy to keep hearing her complaints.

American Pop (Sony)
The Blackening 4K (Lionsgate)
Bo Widerberg’s New Swedish Cinema (Criterion)
Clara Sola (Oscilloscope)
Coma (Shout Factory)
Elizabeth 4K (Universal)
Hackers 4K (Shout Factory)
Hardcore (Kino)
The Legend of Zorro 4K (Sony)
Metalocalypse: Army of the Doomstar (Warner)
A Moment of Romance (Radiance)
The Night of the Hunted 4K (Indicator)
The Nightmare Before Christmas 4K (Disney)
Pretty Baby (Kino)
Promising Young Woman 4K (Universal)
The Rape of the Vampire 4K (Indicator)
Three Into Two Won’t Go (Kino)
Unman, Wittering and Zigo (Arrow)
Weird Science 4K (Arrow)
You Hurt My Feelings (Lionsgate)