Welcome to the Solute

Welcome to The Solute!

The Solute is a brainchild collective emerging from the commentariat of The Dissolve. We here have things to say about film, and frequently they don’t fit the various open source formats we’re given. In the past, we’ve changed the topic completely in the comment sections, cluttering up whole sections with off topic article and writings. We’ve been frustrated with the format of sites like Letterboxd, which only allows you to talk about one film at a time, and no offshoot topics. And, we prefer the style of blogs over those of message boards, which allow a wider variety of freedom.

Here at The Solute, we come with a variety of voices. We are gay, straight, transgendered, cisgendered, radical, liberal, conservative, atheist, agnostic, religious, young, old, single, married, and of a variety of different races and backgrounds. We will be wrong. We will be right. You will agree with us. You will disagree with us. We will disagree with each other. We may disagree with you. But, the one rule we have here is to be respectful. Harassing, bigoted, or abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

So, come here. Play. Explore. Comment. Let us know what we’re doing right. What we’re doing wrong.

And, have some fun.