New on DVD and Blu-Ray

We’re finally back to a healthier slate of titles this week, with catalog releases of When Harry Met Sally and The Spanish Prisoner, and Kino releasing the delirious, wonderfully-named giallo homage Let the Corpses Tan. The big one this week, however, is Abbas Kiarostami’s swan song, 24 Frames, where the late director CGI animates 24 different still photographs. One-third as good as that is 8MM, Joel Schumacher’s entry in the “grotesque Seven-inspired thriller” sweepstakes. Having written about it here, I’ll just say that it’s only good for a delightful Joaquin Phoenix performance and one (1) really tense setpiece set to Aphex Twin. Jonah Hill’s Mid90s should be around 12 times better than 8MM and 4 times better than 24 Frames, but it is neither (okay, maybe it is that much better than 8MM, but that’s hardly a bar-clearing worth celebrating). It at least has more specificity than its title would suggest, documenting the rituals of dirtbag skateboarding kids, but its third act sees a dispiriting turn into coming-of-age formula that feels like Hill became terrified of the idea that people wouldn’t relate to his movie midway through writing the script. Worth seeing only for Lucas Hedges getting to play intimidating for once.

24 Frames (Criterion)
8MM (Shout Factory)
The Captain (Music Box)
Castle Rock: The Complete First Season (Warner)
Hell Fest (Lionsgate)
Judgment Night (Warner Archive Collection)
Let the Corpses Tan (Kino)
Mid90s (Lionsgate)
Monsters and Men (Universal)
The Spanish Prisoner (Ammo Content)
Stay Tuned (Sony)
When Harry Met Sally… (Shout Factory)
Willie Dynamite (Arrow)