• For those who are interested further, here’s the trailer: https://vimeo.com/180871449

    • ZoeZ

      This sounds really intriguing, and I love the very SFnal idea of the way the body/mind distinction on things like smoking (and some of what you mention in the Spoiler Space) operates.

      “What’s your slogan again? ‘Peace of mind forever’?” Some part of my brain collects haunting lines in trailers and just stashed that away.

      • “Well it’s not illegal”–there’s a lot that’s suggested about this world and the characters’ place in it and I hope Willis and Clayfield get the chance to follow that up.

  • Thanks Grant! Um. A little taken aback by this.

    I guess AMA?

    • Hey thank you–we need more works like this, both direct and twisty and to the point. Like I said in the spoiler piece, how did you pitch Carracher on Gavin not really being a character in this?