That Taika Waititi interview with Tasha Robinson on the Verge was really good. I can’t say I’m shocked to learn that Jeff Goldblum had a knack for improvising that type of off-kilter weirdness, though.

  • Guillermo Jiménez

    Man, Ehrlich is really missing the mark on Pixar’s interpretation of mexican culture in Coco. As a mexican one of the delights of the movie is that it doesn’t feel like a commoditized, american-ready, facile take of our culture and music, but instead it feels lived-in, rich and familiar. As critic Mauricio González Lara has noted, watching Coco you want to look in the margins to find your own relatives.

    • The Ploughman

      Glad to hear that. Was about to post Erlich was on fire, but will clarify that I’m speaking of his hilarious burns on Pottersville and Daddy’s Home 2. And I have a renewed interest in Coco.